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9.00am – 6.00pm.

Super Healthy Chiropractic

89 Shannon Ave. Manifold Heights, Vic. 3218

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NeuTone Exercises, Therapeutic Fasciculation and Emotional Release

The Torque Release Technique Seminar equips you with the basic training and resources to be able to start implementing TRT when you get back to practice. The Advanced Hands On Workshop is all about MASTERY. We spend the entire day doing hands-on workshop, brainstorming and masterminding. It is a truly invigorating, challenging and inspiring day. This event is only offered once a year so don't miss out on this rare opportunity to take your practice to the next level...

These workshops are your chance to receive tuition, coaching, and reinforcement in the amazing models, systems and practices that TRT offers. You will also learn brand new upgrades to even further advance your clinical outcomes. Even though my job is to facilitate the learning process during the workshop I always come away personally stretched and expanded by the thoughts and feedback from peers. But don’t just listen to me – here is what some past workshop attendees have said:

"Thanks for a fantastic workshop - Just when I thought I had it, you made it even better!" M.H.

“The workshop was very useful for me. In my opinion the main benefits are as follows: Revealing some flaws and errors that otherwise might remain hidden and would become a habitual “correct” technique for me. I believe any practitioner needs some feedback and critical review. In my case the percentage of patients that I could not adjust using TRT dropped down from about 15% to 3-5%; Discussion of unclear or difficult matters; Informal discussion of general questions relevant to TRT and clinical practice.” B.G.

“The workshops reinforce my technique skills and I always walk away with an added skill to be utilized in my initial diagnosis in finding the primary subluxation. It is also great to be together with other Chiropractors practicing TRT to find out new clinical procedure application. The clinics also give you time to practice the technique and be evaluated in a learning environment.” J.D.L.

“Nobody is perfect, no matter how long you have been using this stuff, but you can get better with the help of others. Having others observe and critique your methods is a great way to keep you in check and make sure you are not letting yourself slide at the expense of your patients. We must all continue to strive for perfection in our methods of analysis and adjusting. The workshops are a great way to do this.” D.K.


    Review and workshop the indicators of Subluxation – Understand the body’s tonal language

    Revise, reinforce and workshop the flaws of leg checking – Improve your accuracy, reliability and outcomes

    Drill and workshop your leg checking and pressure testing skills towards achieving mastery – Locate the Primary every time

    Fine-tune your instrument adjusting skills – Make your Integrator an extension of your hands

    Learn the answers to some of the most FAQs in regards to difficult cases – You are not alone!

    Explore the “OTHER” subluxations including extremity, cranials, TMJ, myofascial relationships, paediatrics – Take your utilisation of TRT to the next level

    Observe how to increase advanced "TONAL" responses in each and every practice member - respiratory changes and emotional release - New Material!

    Learn some really simple and practical strategies to increase the effectiveness of each adjustment – More MAGIC in your practice

    Learn the Basic NeuTone Exercise Postures - Tonal exercise prescription to complement your tonal adjusting

    Learn how to integrate Therapeutic Fasciculation with your adjustments - Clear out your practice members' Neural Gate Pathways

    Discuss how to successfully integrate TRT with your other techniques – Simplify your life

    Brainstorm with like-minded Chiropractors – Unity, support, friendship, camaraderie

    Learn about the new stuff coming up in TRT – Stay on the cutting edge

    Receive a great tonal adjustment! – What every Chiropractor needs


    Those who have had difficulty implementing the technique in practice – Receive the extra practical training you need to discover how TRT can assist to make practice more enjoyable and simple.

    Those who have been having difficulties locating primaries – Resolve the simple mistakes you have been making and open up the world of tonal adjusting to your practice members.

    Those who have only implemented some of the strategies because it was too much to change all at once – Fill in the missing pieces in the TRT puzzle.

    Those who are powering on with TRT and need some refreshing, fellowship, an adjustment, and an opportunity to brainstorm with like-minds.

CPD Categorisation 8 Hours Informal Learning Activity


Dr Nick Hodgson has been responsible for introducing Torque Release Technique to the Australian Chiropractic profession and has been personally mentored by Dr Jay Holder, the developer of TRT. Nick is a 1990 graduate of the Phillip Institute of Technology (now RMIT) where he received the academic award for Chiropractic Science. Nick has been recognised by both the CAA(Vic) and RMIT Alumni for his contributions and service to the chiropractic profession, most recently as 2005 VICTORIAN CHIROPRACTOR OF THE YEAR. He has been in full-time private practice for over 30 years, and is one of Australia's most experienced TRT practitioners. Nick is a Fellow of the Holder Research Institute (F.H.R.I.), and has completed five of the ten modules of the Certified Addictionologist (CAd) program.

CLASS SIZE STRICTLY LIMITED: First 6 registrants only accepted! Registrations close one week prior to each workshop.


TRT Workshop DC Rate:            $ 300

 CPD Categorisation: 8 Hours

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2005 Victorian Chiropractor of The Year, Australasian TRT Training Provider, Fellow Holder Research Institute.

 Visit Nick's other web site at www.superhealthy.com.au

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