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Ready to complete 8 hours of TRT Informal Learning online?

You can now complete 8 hours online Advanced TRT training towards your annual informal learning for registration.

What have you missed?

2016 broke some new ground in terms of increasing your comprehension of cutting edge science and how this can help to evolve and transform the way you practice. Through the same period that Chiropractic devolved from a vitalistic, philosophically exciting, ADIO, “empty the prisons” kind of profession into a mechanistic orthopaedic “neuromusculoskeletal” therapy for crisis care and spinal maintenance, the Physics world was wrestling with a paradigm shift from Newtonian Physics to Quantum Mechanics.

“Quantum Physics” is a term often used in Chiropractic circles in an almost clichéd fashion without any real comprehension that if you really delve into the theories and findings of the Quantum world you will see that mainstream Chiropractic is now further from being “Quantum” in nature than it was way back in 1927 and even 1914: The material that I share will help to get us back on track, but only if you are willing to let go of some unproven and inadequate principles and merge Quantum principles into your beliefs and behaviours.

You will explore the Science they didn’t teach you, the philosophy that some don’t want you to know, and the Art you wish you had learnt

 CPD Categorisation: 8 Hours Informal Learning Activity

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2015 saw Dr Jay Holder covering  topic of the Tonal Model of Chiropractic. If you don't plan to travel to the USA to see Jay Speak (and you must see Jay speak) then this could be your only opportunity to learn from one of Chiropractic's true geniuses...

Watch Module 1 as a FREE introduction...


 CPD Categorisation: 8 Hours Informal Learning Activity

2014 was a mix of teaching by myself and Dr Jay Holder: From reviewing and advancing basic TRT teaching to introducing extremity and cranial adjusting, emotional and myofascial connections, Jay's amazing DGE talk etc etc...

Watch Module 4 as a FREE introduction...


 CPD Categorisation: 8 Hours Informal Learning Activity

So fasten your seatbelts – I am so excited about this material and know that you will be to…

Register today and select which year's curriculum you will be completing. If you are not sure which year you have previously registered for then send us an email and we will confirm from our records (Each year's curriculum may only be completed once, and only one year's curriculum can be completed each year)...


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