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Chiropractic AdvertisingWould you like to share information about your products, resources, programs, events, positions vacant or required, or practice for sale? Would you like nearly every DC in Australia to receive your information by email - the quickest and cheapest advertising format?

We regularly email our "Healing Hands" e-newsletter to a database of ~2,000 DCs in Australia. We utilise the latest in email technology which maximises transmission and reception, and increases interactivity. The newsletter is not just advertising, as we include practice tips and links to relevant research and health articles, and is well received by the profession.

For the small fee of $66 your promotion can be included in an upcoming newsletter. This ad will include a brief summary of your promotion and a link to more details on your web-page.

What do you need to do to take advantage of this bargain?

Email us the proof of your ad and a digital image (logo, photo etc), and the URL of your corresponding web-page. If any editing is required we will email you the new proof for your consideration. Once approved we will email you an invoice and as soon as payment is received we will schedule your ad with the next available newsletter.

Would you like to get this service for FREE?

We believe in WIN-WIN relationships and if you are in a position to provide us with a mutually advantageous scenario then we will advertise your product or service for FREE. Here's how it works - If you can set up three separate links to our web-site (any pages) each on a separate page in your own web-site then we will run your advertisement in the next available newsletter FREE of charge. Drop us a line if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

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Dr Nick Hodgson 2008

2005 Victorian Chiropractor of The Year, Australasian TRT Training Provider, Fellow Holder Research Institute.

 Visit Nick's other web site at www.superhealthy.com.au

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