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including ADHD








At least 20% of the population suffers with at least one of the five addictions: Drugs, Gambling, Food, Sex, Work.

AddictionSubstance abuse represents the largest number of addictive problems. The total cost in terms of family breakdown, loss of productivity, injury and death is staggering. Traffic fatalities, assaults, murders, suicides, rapes, spousal and child abuse, lung cancer and heart disease can all be linked to substance abuse.

The disease of addiction is multi-factorial having genetic, metabolic, environmental, psychological and spiritual components.

Addictions are a way to compensate for not feeling good about whom we are. A deficiency in the biological drive to feel good can lead us to seek artificial means of being satisfied and peaceful via substances or compulsive behaviors.

Many in-patient and self-help groups can fall short of success because all components contributing to the disease have not been treated. Recovering individuals require not only total avoidance of their addictive behaviour, but a balanced approach which includes nutrition, physical, mental and spiritual support.

Specialised Chiropractors can provide the missing pieces in the recovery jigsaw puzzle; by offering services which help to restore the normal brain reward cascade systems. These treatments work best alongside traditional counseling and twelve step services.

Realizing that you may have a problem is the first step in solving the problem. If you then are ready and willing to take certain steps, you are on your way to recovering from the grip of these addictive practices on your life.

We recommend you visit your practitioner as often as possible: Similar to a fitness program – Three times a week is better than once a fortnight. And stick with the treatment: Don’t give up too soon before you see and feel the results.


Chiropractic is not just about “bad backs”.

Alcoholism, overeating, smoking, gambling, drugs (both prescription and illegal), are often found in people who have Spinal Subluxations.

Children and others with learning disorders have Spinal Subluxations.

Spinal Subluxations can best be described as specific sites of spinal malfunction leading to irritation of the body’s central computer, the nervous system. The result of this is separation from wholeness and an inability to experience wellbeing.

Only “vertebrates” have an opiate receptor Brain Reward Cascade chemical mechanism which allows them to experience a state of wellbeing.

The common denominator is the spine and spinal cord.

If the spine is allowed to express itself without interference (free of subluxations) the person can express full potential.

Research published in one of the most respected psychiatry journals showed dramatically increased success rates for drug detoxification, as well as reduced anxiety and Integrator Adjusting Instrumentdepression levels, and less need for the usual strong pain relief and psychiatric drugs.

Chiropractors locate and reduce Subluxations.

Have you been checked for spinal subluxations?

Right: An Integrator. The adjusting instrument used in Torque Release Technique.


AuriculotherapyAuriculotherapy is often confused with ear acupuncture but it uses no needles, and instead of “meridians” uses nerve connections. A micro-current stimulator is placed on reflex points on the outside of the ear: These points then send a message to the brain based on the location of the reflex point being treated. Most people feel only a mild tingling at the ear reflex points during treatment.

Imagine your brain as a computer. Inside this computer is a “map” of the entire body. This map is projected onto the ear through the body’s nervous system. Accessing the points on the map is like using a computer’s keyboard or mouse to gain entrance into the system. With this system we are able to directly treat a number of problems and conditions through the “brain’s computer”.

Research demonstrated much better retention rates in drug rehabilitation with the use of Auriculotherapy. Long term follow up of drug related offenders showed amazing reduction in the number of re-arrests in those who received Auriculotherapy as part of their rehabilitation.


Neutriceuticals are nutrients used at levels to achieve biological changes in the nervous system. These can be used to improve the recovery from compulsive and addictive disorders. They can consist of amino acids, glyconutrients, vitamins, and/or minerals. In specific combination, these nutrients have been found to be effective in the treatment of addiction. They work by increasing the levels of natural chemicals in the brain and nervous system. These same brain chemicals are also deficient in ADHD sufferers. These messengers communicate to the brain a feeling of calmness, alertness and wellbeing.


   Your Chiropractor will deliver a Torque Release Technique Adjustment. This part of your treatment will take 10-15 minutes. He/she will be checking your spinal column for areas where the nervous system is being damaged and will deliver adjustments using the Integrator instrument: This instrument sounds like a staple gun and will feel like a quick impulse into the muscles of your spinal column.

   You will then receive an Auriculotherapy treatment. This can take 10–20 minutes. You will be lying on your back or side. The therapist will be running a small microcurrent device around your ear. You will hear a quiet, high-pitch noise coming from the Stimplus. When an active reflex point is being treated you may feel a sensation of a pulse or a pin-prick: This sensation will Natural Addiction Treatmentonly last 30–60 seconds.

   You will be recommended a course of dietary supplements suitable for your particular needs. You can purchase these from the practice and should take the daily doses recommended.

   You will be recommended to a counselor and/or group if you are not already attending these.

Dr Jay Holder: Left: Auriculotherapy treatment with a StimPlus micro current stimulator. Right: Delivering a Torque Release Adjustment with an Integrator.

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Torque Release Technique (TRT) is the first Chiropractic Technique to be created through a rigorous scientific research and development process. TRT aims to improve health and wellbeing by improving Nervous System function via specific Adjustment of Primary Subluxations. TRT is an extremely gentle chiropractic method and has been published in major Medical and Chiropractic Journals and featured on the Discovery Health Channel.

© Dr Nick Hodgson 2009

2005 Victorian Chiropractor of The Year, Australasian TRT Training Provider, Fellow Holder Research Institute.

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