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1) Delivery time is 7-21 days once payment has been received. Products sourced from overseas suppliers sometimes take longer due to transit times.

2) Refunds are not provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere.

3) Returns are at the cost of the purchaser.

4) Refunds can only be given if product is faulty, returned in original condition and with intact packaging within 30 days of payment.

5) No refunds given for software and electronic mediums once delivered due to possibility of piracy.

6) Damaged goods must be returned in condition received, and replacement will be issued.

7) Integrator faults and repairs are handled by the manufacturer - Click on this link for returns procedure...

8) Overseas purchases will have GST component discounted, but additional postage costs of 10% product price will be charged.


1) Notice of inability to attend must be received 72 hours prior to commencement of program to receive refund - administrative costs of $35 will be subtracted from amount paid.

2) If notification of inability to attend is received less than 72 hours prior to commencement of program venue costs of $100 per teaching day will be subtracted from amount paid.

3) No refunds possible for "no-shows" (i.e. if no notice of inability to attend is received prior to commencement of program).

4) No refunds possible for any reason after attendance at a program.

5) Please notify us of any special dietary requirements at least 48 hours prior to commencement of the program otherwise catering for your needs may not be possible.

6) We take no responsibility for travel and accommodation arrangements and costs, even in the event of unforeseen cancellation of the program.

7) It is the responsibility of the registrant to complete all CPD sign-in sheets during the program - we cannot certify your actual attendance to a third party at a later date without this evidence.

8) GST is payable on all fees - overseas registrants should keep all invoices and claim their GST through the official means upon leaving the country.


1) All technical support is via email from VenturaDesigns: CLICK HERE TO EMAIL VENTURA DESIGNS

2) Software is supplied by download..

3) Once you have installed your Software we recommend you review the instruction manuals (embedded on the CD), the tutorials, and any video help files.

4) Software can be trialed in demo mode once downloaded and installed.

5) To ensure you are receiving genuine VenturaDesigns software, we incorporate software security. All programs use an unlock code issued by VenturaDesigns. To receive this code perform the following.

a) Install the software.

b) Open the installed software. In the upper right-hand corner of the registration screen is the system ID number.

c) Email this number with your details to VenturaDesigns: CLICK HERE TO EMAIL VENTURA DESIGNS You will then be issued an unlock code for that computer via email.

d) Each separate installation requires a separate unlock code, so the System ID for each computer will need to be emailed in this case.

e) Support is provided Monday to Thursday USA office hours, so Australian customers please allow for time difference. (Usually if you email in our evening you will receive a response the following morning, but if you email Friday night you may not hear back till Tuesday morning.) This is a rough guide only.

6) No refunds can be issued for software products.

7) Use of VenturaDesigns software is governed by a user license agreement. This document outlines what you can and can't do with the software.


To operate the www.torquerelease.com.au sales and training services Super Healthy Pty Limited ABN 61 007 341 479  must ask you to provide us with information about yourself and your credit or debit card and/or bank account.

To deliver products to you, and to send information about training programs and related products and services to you we collect your postal and email details. This information is not shared with any third party, except via the PayPal ordering and payment system - www.paypal.com.au

We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information or a list of our customers to third parties.

If at any time you wish to cease receiving electronic or postal communications from us you can notify us in writing via  EMAIL or posting to PO Box 686, Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia, 3226, or fax (613) 5255 5753.

Our payments and ordering pages utilise the PayPal payment and shopping cart service - see their privacy policies at https://www.paypal.com/au/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/ua/policy_privacy-outside





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