Convert your TRT skills from Proficiency to Mastery

When you attend a professional development program there are two dominant bottom lines that you wish to fulfill:

  1. To grow your practice – I’ve met only a few health care professionals who don’t want to grow their practice – whether it is for financial gain or out of a burning desire to serve, most of us want to learn the secrets to attracting more people into our office.

  2. To get better results – I’ve never met a health care provider that doesn’t want to know how to maximise their results! I have however noticed a tendency to be looking for the next miraculous thing, when it is more effective to be looking into how to do what you already do better.

To achieve these quantum shifts following a training event requires some secret ingredients:
Put what you learnt into practice – don’t wait till you have reviewed the notes, practiced at home, rehearsed with a colleague, “figured it out” - just allocate some time with each patient to apply something that you have learnt, and build from there – It’s never too late to start!
Review and revise – go back over the notes and take more notes – that is – put it into your own words.

Expand and research the subject matter further – watch videos, listen to audios, read articles and research.

Be open to coaching and mentoring and ongoing growth – You are not “finished” when you leave the seminar.

This online service is dedicated to helping you to take TRT from a good seminar, an interesting experience; or on the other hand, something that you are not sure how you will fit it into your practice life – to a quantum breakthrough in your science, art and philosophy that helps you to fall in love with Chiropractic again, to get passionate about the possibilities, and to have clear action steps to achieve your practice dreams.

Learn from the developer of TRT, Dr Jay Holder and Australasia's only TRT trainer Dr Nick Hodgson in the comfort of your own home. This program qualifies for 8 hours of Formal Learning Activity for your continuing professional development requirements once the assessment tasks have been completed, returned and reviewed.

Leverage your training for practice growth and better results...

Here are the benefits to joining and actively participating in this program:

  1. Have your name and practice details listed in the directory on the TRT web site for the 2012 year: As we approach a decade of teaching TRT in Australasia, and exceed ten percent of the chiropractic population having attended the training, it becomes increasingly difficult to track who is actually offering TRT as a major part of their practice services. Purchasing this program gives us the confidence to list your name alongside the TRT “brand”.

  2. Receive phone and email enquiry referrals: We consistently receive enquiries from people specifically seeking a TRT practitioner to take care of themselves, their family, and their friends and colleagues. You being part of this program gives us the peace of mind to be able to recommend you to people wanting TRT.

  3. Complete the Holder Research Institute’s Exam and receive credit as an advanced TRT practitioner.

  4. Australian Chiropractors can get 8 hours Formal Learning Activity Hours towards your annual national registration once the assessment tasks are successfully completed.

  • Pick up the missing pieces in the technique puzzle - the bits you missed at the seminar

  • Get advanced tips to ensure you are finding the primary subluxation every time

  • Learn the secrets to extremity and cranial adjusting

  • Take your understanding of the emotion-spine connection to new levels

  • See how to convert your practice from a mechanistic pain model to a vitalistic wellness model

Here's an overview of the training material included:

  1. Video of Jay Holder demonstrating leg testing, extremity and cranial analysis and adjusting

  2. Advanced video workshop by Nick Hodgson teaching how to use the indicators of Subluxation to transform your practice to a neurological model.

  3. Advanced video workshop by Nick Hodgson teaching extremity and cranial adjusting.

  4. Video of Jay Holder speaking at the Melbourne Dynamic Growth Experience in 2011 in front of the biggest crowd to ever attend a DGE

  5. Advanced video workshop by Nick Hodgson discussing muscle to primary relationships, and emotion to primary connections.

  6. Advanced video workshop by Nick Hodgson teaching the Brain Reward Cascade and Reward Deficiency Syndrome Model and how chiropractic care relates to brain function.

  7. Advanced video workshop by Nick Hodgson teaching the ten steps to maximising brain health and mental function.

  8. PDF of the Chiropractic Excellence Blog with articles covering practice building tips, quantum physics, tensegrity, patient education ideas, philosophy and personal development etc...

  9. PDFs of workshop notes.

  10. PDF of study guide, proficiency exam and assessment tasks.

  11. Bonus DVD containing TRT related documentaries and news videos.

  12. Bonus Audio Interviews.

  13. Bonus folder of all the Green Books as PDFs.

What happens after you purchase?

  • Payment is via the secure PayPal gateway - you can use your PayPal funds or use your credit card with complete confidence

  • Upon receipt of your payment we will mail your product and tax invoice - Australian order sent by Registered Australia Post. International order sent via Australia Post (Sales will be removed but same amount charged to cover additional shipping).

  • Program comes packaged with 4 DVDs and 1 CDROM.

  • Assessment tasks must be printed from the CDROM, completed and returned to us for review and accreditation.

  • CAA CPD CATEGORISATION: 8 Formal Learning Activity Hours

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