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TRT Web Sitewww.torquerelease.com.au is the Australasian online home for Torque Release Technique and is the number one SEO ranked TRT web site world wide. This site is packed with information, references, and articles about TRT for potential clients, regular clients, and for DCs wanting to thoroughly investigate TRT; as well as details of upcoming training events for prospective and current TRT practitioners.

If you wish to promote your TRT practice to the world you can subscribe to the directory on this site for the small annual outlay of $66:

1) "What benefits do I get from the $66 annual subscription fee?"

a) The primary benefit is being listed in the practitioners’ directory: This directory is the sole source of our referrals from phone and email enquiries that we receive almost daily. Plus the public who access this web-site will be able to locate their nearest practitioner immediately. Your subscription identifies you as someone who is using TRT as one of your primary techniques and that you wish to receive pre-qualified referrals. If you don’t subscribe we’ll assume that you don’t wish to be recognised as a TRT practitioner. One referral will pay for your entire subscription in one visit!

b) The directory will also include a link to your own web-site, so will act as a source of referrals for your own online presence. Outside links to your web site like this are the quickest way to lift the search engine ranking and traffic to your own site!

c) If you don’t have a web-site of your own, included in the price we will set up an info page about you and your practice which will open from your directory listing. We will require a photo, a logo if you have one, and the text that you wish to be used for your bio (all as digital files so we can cut and paste them into a web-page). This site is the number one ranked TRT site on the planet and practitioner name and location searches are one of the most common entry points to our site!

2) "Why won’t you include me in the directory without having to pay a subscription fee?"

a) A web-site has ongoing costs: Domain name and hosting fees. Not to mention the hours of labor required to keep this site the most informative TRT web site on the web. We need your help to spread the word about TRT and Chiropractic!

b) The fact that you attended a training program doesn’t guarantee that you are applying those skills. We will interpret the subscriptions as the most effective means of determining those of you who see yourself as TRT practitioners and wish to be recognised as such. Want to be recognized as a TRT practitioner to prospective patients? Then subscribe!

c) How else can we identify that you wish for the world to know that you can offer them a TRT adjustment - being a subscriber gives you preferential referrals from us as we know we can trust your services. If this directory listing was free everyone would want to be listed even though they may not offer TRT to their customers - paying the small fee shows your good intent...

3) "How does the public find this web-site and hence find me?"

a) You promote the web-site within your practice, and soon others will also refer their friends to the web-site – good old fashioned word of mouth referrals. Refer to this site in your newsletters and emails and you increase the likelihood of others finding your practice!

b) If we all add links to this web-site from our own web-sites, we will generate more and more online referrals. Linking to specific pages from your web site and online articles increases the traffic between the sites and becomes more visible to the search engines! Win - Win...

c) Visit the site yourself regularly: The most used sites climb up the rankings in many of the search engines. This site is regularly updated and expanded and you will find lots of great articles and resources to refer your own practice members to - the better they understand TRT, the better the customer they will be for you!

d) Search engine hits: If you use the search terms “Torque Release Technique”, “Torque Release”, “TRT chiropractic”, “Tonal chiropractic” in “google” then you will see that this site is ranked number one worldwide. And the more hits the site gets the higher it will rank in other searches related to Chiropractic  - more hits leads to more hits. When your name gets added to the directory it will get hits when people search for you or for a chiropractor in your area!

4) "How can I help?"

a) Subscribe: Help to fund the ongoing upgrading of the web-site.

b) Email me your thoughts on how TRT has helped you in practice.

c) If you have taken any photos of TRT adjustments then email these to us to help beautify the site.

d) If you have written any articles that have been printed in your local or other media, then forward these (preferably in .pdf format).

e) Let us know your suggestions for how we can improve the site.

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