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How do you consciously make a decision as to which are the best "therapeutic modalities" for use in your practice?

Many body-mind practitioners use adjustments, manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, hot-packs, ultrasound and other electrical modalities, acupuncture, etc etc. While mind-body practitioners use cognitive and behavioral therapies, hypnosis, group, counseling etc etc.

What you are about to read below is in my mind the "best-of the-best" options for an ancillary tool to have in your kit - AURICULOTHERAPY. No matter what primary intervention you use Auriculotherapy is an effective means of tapping into both mind and body to further enhance your clinical effectiveness.

Auriculotherapy is a modernised, evidence-based, neurologically founded, micro-current therapy utilising a small hand-held, battery-operated stimulator.

This is not just a way or performing ear acupuncture without needing needles. It is a time-efficient, clinically proven method of managing acute and chronic pain, psychological, addictive and compulsive disorders, and improving your success with internal disorders.

  • You can keep a testing and treatment device in your back pocket and pull it out for those needy patients where their response to your standard care has been disappointing, or when you just know that more is needed.

  • You can use Auriculotherapy as a complementary therapy to increase your success with deeper seated, chronic and complex problems.

  • You can offer Auriculotherapy as a stand-alone consultation increasing your services and income.

  • You can have your assistants or complementary therapists trained so that they can work in tandem with you for the benefit and increased satisfaction of your customers.

Our training is the only program that we know of in Australia teaching the most current protocols in this must-learn therapy.


New options for the management of:

   Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

   Pain Management

   Internal Disorders

   The Five Addictions

   Compulsive Disorders

   Psychological Disorders


1.        Learn the somatotopic mapping system so that diagnosis and treatment skills are maximized.

2.        Develop a clear understanding of neurophysiological mechanisms for detection and treatment of dysfunctional physiology.

3.        Develop skill and expertise in handling a microcurrent electro-therapeutic device.

4.        Develop the ability to precisely locate and treat active reflex points.

5.        Learn how to release and balance neuropeptides and hormones.

6.        Learn specific treatment strategies for disorders in each of the body systems.

7.        Achieve the highest rate of success in the field of pain management, psychological disorders, internal disorders and addiction.

8.        Learn communication strategies based on active reflex point detection.

9.        Learn implementation and promotion strategies to maximize your results and profitability.

10.      Lean how to locate and diagnose Subluxations.


1.        Overview of Auriculotherapy

2.        Relationship of the ear to the brain and nervous system

3.        Neurophysiological mechanisms of Auriculotherapy

4.        The inverted fetus somatotype of the ear (auricle)

5.        Anatomy of the ear

6.        Comparison of the French, American and Chinese ear points

7.        Pathology and neurophysiology of pain

8.        Treatment of the 5 addictions: a) Drugs and Alcoholism, b) Sex, c) Eating Disorders, d) Work, e) Gambling

9.        Ear points and their distribution for the: a) Musculoskeletal System, b) Internal Organs, c) Neuroendocrine System, d) Head & Face, e) Nervous System, f) Sensory System, g) Master Points, h) Functional Points, i) Vertebral Column Points

10.     Practice sessions

11.     Subluxation location and diagnosis

12.     Advanced approaches in Auriculotherapy

13.     Contraindications

14.     General treatment plans

15.     Specific treatment plans

16.     Psychological disorders

17.     Compulsive disorders

18.     Hormonal disorders

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Dr Nick Hodgson 2011

2005 Victorian Chiropractor of The Year, Australasian TRT Training Provider, Fellow Holder Research Institute.

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