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In July of 2002 Dr Nick Hodgson was privileged to be the organiser of the first ever visit of the highly credentialed Dr Jay Holder from Miami, Florida, USA, the developer of Torque Release Technique (TRT). Seventy Chiropractors received advanced training in the models, protocols and applications of chiropractic analysis and adjustments, as developed during ground breaking research published in several journals including the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry. This research demonstrated the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for "state of wellbeing" outcome measures, in a chemically addicted population. The design of the study was directed by Professor Robert Duncan, one of the top Biostatisticians in the USA, whose exacting methodology drove the need for precise assessment and therapeutic protocols to a level never before seen in Chiropractic. And, clinical application by many DCs trained by Dr Holder in the USA and internationally, has proven TRT to be one of the most exciting techniques for use in every style of chiropractic practice.

Jay Holder with Nick HodgsonDue to overwhelming demand, the initial program was followed up by further visits by Dr Holder in January and July of 2003, and July of 2004. The success and response to these programs culminated in Dr Hodgson being honoured with a "Fellowship" by the Holder Research Institute. Dr Hodgson has continued the training process with periodic hands-on "think-tanks" for previous graduates of Dr Holder's training. 2006 saw an exciting development with Dr Hodgson being recognised as the Australasian provider of Torque Release training. This will guarantee ongoing regional programs at an affordable fee.

The research process during the development of TRT lead Dr Holder to review some of the early literature produced by the developers of seven of the most respected technique systems in Chiropractic. This review uncovered the fact that many of these techniques had become diluted and even distorted in their application over the many decades since first being introduced by chiropractic pioneers. Upon collating and combining the "best of the best" from each technique, a randomised system for analysing the non-linear nature of the Subluxation evolved. Now the clinical and technical findings of each individual patient directed an appropriate intervention, as opposed to previous linear "recipe" assessment and treatment systems. Dr Holder and his co-authors had developed a system of answering the age-old question of which segment to adjust, when, and in what order!

The seminar segment on the "flaws of leg analysis", and how to remove these, is worth the registration fee alone. Anyone who utilises leg checking in their assessment should not miss future opportunities to hear this information.

A further dilemma in chiropractic research; that of the scientifically uncontrollable nature of the application of the human hand, also needed to be rectified. This directed the development of the "Integrator", the first adjusting instrument to incorporate all the vectors of the chiropractic adjustment: Rapid thrust, recoil and torque. Even the size and pliability of the contact surface was scientifically tested by measuring thousands of pisiforms. The integrator's other unusual feature is that it is preloaded and only fires upon reaching a specified degree of pressure. This increases the inter and intra-examiner reliability of the use of the tool. This tool was not initially intended for clinical use, but the results, and patient and clinician satisfaction necessitated its migration out of the "laboratory" and into the practice.

The other highlight of the program for many is the teaching on the Brain Reward Cascade and Reward Deficiency Syndrome. At last the scientific evidence and neuro-physiological model exists which connects the subluxation to CNS modulation, and hence global state of wellbeing. This information should once and for all help chiropractic to mature from concepts which hinge on intervertebral foraminal interference, and the Meric system explanations of organic dysfunction, to an acute understanding of the role of the dorsal horns in the function of the limbic system. At last, the explanation exists for why chiropractic can help to modulate emotions, as well as immune and even organic tone.

Most of the practitioners who attend the seminar put TRT into practice the very next day in their practices. We continuously receive phone calls raving about the improvement in outcomes and clinical certainty when utilising TRT.

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Torque Release Technique (TRT) is the first Chiropractic Technique to be created through a rigorous scientific research and development process. TRT aims to improve health and wellbeing by improving Nervous System function via specific Adjustment of Primary Subluxations. TRT is an extremely gentle chiropractic method and has been published in major Medical and Chiropractic Journals and featured on the Discovery Health Channel.

Dr Nick Hodgson 2008

2005 Victorian Chiropractor of The Year, Australasian TRT Training Provider, Fellow Holder Research Institute.

 Visit Nick's other web site at www.superhealthy.com.au