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Chiropractic Success   You pride yourself in your adjusting skills but still open-mindedly embrace new science and technology to further enhance your technique

   You keep up to date with new advancements in chiropractic science and like to be at the cutting-edge

   You love to see major shifts in your practice members’ health and wellbeing, and look for new ways to improve your outcomes even more

   You get excited when you see mainstream science confirming chiropractic philosophy and like to keep in touch with these breakthroughs

   You are always looking for ways to improve your efficiency, patient flow and even profitability

   You believe that the value of your adjustment is not in how long you spend with someone or in how much you do to someone, BUT, it is in how focused, conscious, and effective your clinical skills are

   You see yourself practicing for many years to come and know you need to utilize techniques which are more efficient, and won’t wear you down and burn you out




Vitalistic Chiropractic     Vitalistic model of subluxation analysis and correction evolved from traditional chiropractic principles to 21st century quantum science

     Unique combination of the most evidence-based chiropractic diagnosis following critical review of the “best of the best” neurological subluxation indicators

     Neurological and tonal system of differential diagnosis to determine the primary subluxation, at any given moment in time

     Technique to determine where and how the body wants and needs to be adjusted

     Systems upgrade to any chiropractic technique analysis

     First technique to be developed through randomised controlled scientific research design

     Hardware upgrade if you also embrace the latest in adjusting technology…


   We provide you with a comprehensive, intensive, interactive and highly practical training process

   You will absorb 23 hours of information in 15 hours and leave with the proficiency to implement the technique on Monday morning

   Your registration includes your training manual which will help you to revise, review and complete your learning

Technique Training   You’ll experience first-hand the power of TRT adjustments – many DCs encounter amazing healing changes during the program

   And... We don’t leave you hungry as your fee includes light and nourishing meals

   And...... We won’t interfere with your practice since our schedule could see you back in your own home for Sunday dinner

   And…...... Following the program we don’t leave you on your own as you have access to FREE email support, and ongoing advanced hands-on training opportunities

   No other program offers you this level of comprehensive training and support

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Torque Release Technique (TRT) is the first Chiropractic Technique to be created through a rigorous scientific research and development process. TRT aims to improve health and wellbeing by improving Nervous System function via specific Adjustment of Primary Subluxations. TRT is an extremely gentle chiropractic method and has been published in major Medical and Chiropractic Journals and featured on the Discovery Health Channel.

© Dr Nick Hodgson 2009

2005 Victorian Chiropractor of The Year, Australasian TRT Training Provider, Fellow Holder Research Institute.

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