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Thursday, June 9th, 2011


If you have any desire or interest whatsoever in improving the mental health and brain function of your community then you must listen to this audio recording. Drs Pat Gentempo, Chris Kent and Jay Holder discuss the issues of chiropractic and how it can change the way people are feeling about themselves and improve their state of wellbeing…

Even if you think that Chiropractic is primarily about pain, then consider this - emotional pain is far more ongoing, crippling and debilitating than physical pain - and chiropractic could be one of the best kept secrets in reducing emotional pain…

Click on the link to download the audio MP3 file (or right click and choose “save target as…” to save to your computer - 30MB - so will take some time depending on your connection bandwidth)…

The interview lasts an hour so I suggest you set aside some dedicated time and prepare yourself for a mind expanding experience!

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Monday, March 7th, 2011

The most important video you will watch this year!

What is the potential of Chiropractic? If it is HUGE then we MUST answer some BIG questions:

  1. Can chiropractic make changes to brain function?
  2. Can a chiropractic adjustment alter emotional states?
  3. How do the emotions, brain state and the wellbeing of our body all interface? (The mind/body connection)
  4. What did both DD & BJ Palmer really mean when they predicted that chiropractic could “empty the prisons”?

Unfortunately mechanical models of chiropractic fail to touch the surface of these questions, which means that we MUST be willing to expand our understanding.

This next video is close to one hour long, so please set aside this absolutely vital time to soak in everything that is discussed…

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