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Monday, April 16th, 2012

I’ve been involved in chiropractic professional development since 1995 and it is with a degree of disappointment that I share that “technique” seminars are less popular than “get rich quick” seminars! This revelation makes me wonder at times why I spend so many hours researching, designing, planning, preparing, writing, promoting and presenting a chiropractic technique seminar? I could get rich a lot quicker myself if I were to offer a program teaching you how to make more money by doing less work. But, as soon as I follow this line of thought my purpose and vision remind me that the most important “thing” that a Chiropractor can do – is to deliver an awesome adjustment to his/her practice members. And hence the second most important thing I can do is help Chiropractors to maximise their technical skill. (In case you are wondering what the most important thing I can do is – it is to deliver an awesome adjustment to my practice members.)

So why do many chiropractors neglect their technical development while investing time and money into listening to some self-made guru tell them that if they do what he did, then they will get as rich and popular as he is?

I believe the first and foremost reason is that we doubt that we can get better results by doing what we currently do better. I think that we assume that to get better results we need to do something different. There are a lot of internal and external influences devaluing the chiropractic adjustment and its therapeutic potential and we become easily distracted by programs and products that offer us a quick and easy alternative path to “success”.

The simplest way to fail is to be distracted from the most important priorities in your life – Stephen Covey describes it as climbing the ladder of success only to discover at the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. As Chiropractors we should be the happiest and most fulfilled when we are caring for our “patients” – and to achieve this requires that we have absolute faith, confidence and belief in our products, services and ideas (thank you James Parker for that truism).

The biggest priority for a Chiropractor is to be a great adjustor. You might think that it is more important to be a great communicator, but remember that an adjustment is “communication through touch” – your hands speak much louder than your mouth can. This leads to me to today’s question – when was the last time you attended a really good technique seminar? Here is my top 8 list of the attributes to look out for in an exceptional technique program:

1) What you learn can be applied to nearly every single practice member: I see a lot of programs claiming that they will show you how to fix the troublesome 5% of your practice. And then there are programs that will show you how to fix obscure and rarely seen conditions that another 5% suffer with. What about getting better results with the 90%? This will grow your practice exponentially instead of additively. Here’s how someone else put it: “I have found the TRT to be the first technique that I have found to be superior to what I have done in the last twenty seven years. I made the change slowly at first. I have seen intriguing and wonderful results with TRT. I now adjust about 90% of patients with TRT.”

2) You leave the program with the practical skills and clinical know-how to apply on Monday morning on your first practice member: I’ve left some technique shows with the feeling that they knew what they were doing, but had no idea how to train anyone else in how to do it. When it comes to technique, there is a big difference between lecturing and training. Here’s how one of our registrants put it: “Thank you for the generosity and knowledge/wisdom. Other courses promise you will be able to confidently apply the technique on Monday morning. Well I beat that and took my table over to family members on Sunday night. Miracles are happening in my practice and I feel as if I am honoring the body’s innate wisdom through the checking system and finally not over-treating. THANK YOU.”

3) You leave excited, inspired, challenged, stretched and enlarged: It’s great to get feedback like this: “Hi Nick, Great seminar – has renewed my faith in true chiropractic – was seriously considering de-registration from the profession so was very timely intervention!!! Many thanks for all your efforts Nick – It’s made a huge difference to the soul of this chiropractor!!!”

4) Lots of supervised hands-on coaching: I could charge a lot less for my seminar, get dozens more people attend, sell heaps more products and make a lot more money by doing this. But my intent is to see each participant “get it” not long after lunch on the second day of our program. I’ve left other programs where I’ve been hugely disappointed with the “hands-on” component of the training, and I just know that I am going to have to spend hours deciphering notes and experimenting with the application before it’s of any real use. As one of our past participants said “It was the best conference and technique seminar I have ever been to. It provided me with some very timely answers to a lot of questions that had been coming up for me in the last couple of years, especially about knowing that Chiropractic and being a Chiropractor is truly what I am here for, but being endlessly frustrated by it (me) just not working the best I knew it (I) could. That was until I learnt about primary subluxations and non-linear adjusting.”

5) It is “real” chiropractic: I know that there are lots of other treatment modalities out there – I even teach some. But you can never get too much of good chiroprac-tic teaching. The thing that continues to inspire and motivate me to keep teaching Torque Release Technique is just how congruent it is with chiropractic philosophy and history, while being completely scientific, contemporary and cutting-edge. That’s what I call balanced – isn’t that what chiropractic is about after all? I really relate to what someone else said: “TRT makes more sense than anything else I’ve learned in chiropractic. I want to learn more!”

6) Plenty of follow up and advanced training opportunities: Some treatment tours arrive in town and then vanish just as fast. Some technique programs expect you to attend the same program over and over. Over the last few years we have developed practice building resources, as well as DVD, online and hands-on advanced training which helps to take our practitioners to new levels of skill and confidence. This is the kind of feedback that feeds my soul: “Thank you Nick. You are always so informative and helpful. Your website is absolutely amazing! I use it all the time. I love your blogs and newsletters also. You have put together an awesome product list as well. As you know, I have ordered your DVD and a poster in the past and they are great. I also use your patient brochures which are SO wonderful. With your help I am able to make a very smooth transition from a pain practice to a wellness practice. We need you in the U.S.!!! HA!”

7) Has an ongoing research agenda: When I look into whether I am going to explore a new technique or method, I check the research first and foremost. It’s great to hear what other people think about it, but what measurements of efficacy have been made? If all I find in promotional materials is testimonials then I won’t be going! You can check out the impressive TRT research pedigree at

8) Excellent notes: I love leaving a seminar with more to read and the ability to review and expand on what I heard at the program. Many programs give you a Hotel note pad and some sales materials for the not-to-be-missed discounts. My seminar notes are usually so comprehensive that I’m starting to have trouble getting them bound at the printers. My wife tells me off for giving “too much information”, but my attitude is that you can never have too much information, for those that want it… Don’t believe me? Listen to someone else: “I spent the weekend reading, watching video, revamping my thinking – and today did as you wrote – I jettisoned by mechanistic habits and truly did tonal chiropractic. It was a rush! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support materials you’ve put together!.. Thanks so much for all you’ve written! My brain feels ultra-oxygenated and for the first time in 6 years of practice, I really feel like I’ve got “the Big Idea”.”

I so hope that you can join me for this year’s Torque Release Technique Program in May in Melbourne: Go to for an extra cheap rate…

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