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Monday, May 16th, 2011

The secrets of making a practice explode are elusive - and by EXPLODE I do mean rapid, positive, exciting, passionate, and fun growth in terms of patient visits, new patient aquisition, profitability, clinical results and enthusiasm…

Of course there are seminars that market solely on this desire that each one of us harbours: And they are usually selling a program of how to attract and commit practice members to your care - regardless of the actual “product” that you offer.

But here’s the sting - if for some reason you haven’t got your product right - if the quality assurance is not quite there - then no number of practice building “techniques” will result in sustainable and exponential growth. The answer is to get the product right first!

I was talking to one of our Australian Chiropractic legends the other day - you know those straight talking principled chiropractors that have built big practices time and again based on good old fashioned art, science and philosophy and commonsense business savvy. He’s spending less time in practice nowadays and more time mentoring chiropractic students (yes there is some good news in chiropractic!) and his advice to them is to figure out how to be a great chiropractor. And he is very clear that this depends on developing fantastic FCB in your technique. Not your practice building technique - your chiropractic technique.

Needless to say he has been in this game for a long time and surpasses annual professional development requirements by a factor of ten, and he makes it quite plain that one of the best techniques that he has implemented is Torque Release Technique.

He’s not alone though: Have a listen to a must-hear interview with “Chiropractor of the Month” Dr Wade Lofton by Patrick Gentempo and Chris Kent to see what can happen in a practice when TRT is added to the mix… Click on this link to start listening (it can take some time for the audio to beging to play depending on your download speed. Alternatively right click on the link and “Save Target As…” to your computer)…

To find out more about TRT training with the developer Dr Jay Holder in August in Melbourne click on this link:

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