Chiropractic has been around since the late 19th century and its founding principles really haven’t changed much since the early part of the 20th century – in fact one might argue that chiropractic philosophy has devolved from some of the dizzy heights reached by some of the early chiropractic authors. The science of Physics was going through a quantum shift during this same era, evolving from Newtonian Physics to what is now commonly called Quantum Physics. In chiropractic we often talk about paradigm shifts and this is often in the context of everyone else needing to have one in order to catch up to our principles of health and illness.

But maybe we too need a paradigm shift? Let’s take a look at the shift that occurred in Physics as a metaphor or simile to the paradigm shift that the chiropractic profession needs to make if it is to climb up to its perceived position of superiority on the wellness ladder.

Newtonian Physics was man’s logical attempts to make the universe fit into his objective and mechanistic model of how the world works: Based on the observation that big complex things are made up of lots of little simple things that combine numerically to produce basically a big machine with small moving parts. And as this domineering science invented lots of really cool machines based on this principle, and as they discovered smaller and smaller components that appeared to follow the same principles, the belief system was self-justified.

Within this model matter was made up of particles which behaved in predictable ways, while energy was seen as a separate and distinct component of nature, and this consisted of wave forms: Substances whether organic or inorganic are composed of atoms which are themselves made from smaller particles of electrons, protons and neutrons; while energy forms like light and sound are produced by different spectrums for vibratory frequencies.

But there came a point along the Newtonian quest to find the smallest particle and to better understand more about how these particles behave where this separation started to dissolve. As Physicists studied the behaviour of electrons in different environments they found that sometimes electrons behaved like particles and sometimes they behaved like energy!

This lead to enormous friction within the scientific community and pushed supposedly intelligent men to the point of irrational argument, name calling and sledging. Till finally one man, a school dropout came up with a formula that made sense of it all: E = MC2. That man was Einstein and while the understanding and the application of this seemingly simple formula has progressed with succeeding physicists, they themselves cite this “shift” as the pivotal breakthrough.

Most people can quote the E = MC2 formula as belonging to that cute and cheeky looking silver haired king of the geeks. Many can even translate it as energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. But let’s take a closer look at what this really means? Let’s forget the constant in the formula for a moment – take out the C2 and you are left with E = M! That’s the breakthrough people – energy and matter are actually different manifestations of the same thing. In other words matter is just stored energy, and energy is matter in its higher forms of existence.

We can see this transition in its simpler forms when we do our most basic high school chemistry experiments of heating ice, which becomes water, which becomes steam – they are all still water, but at different states of their energetic existence. But E = MC2 is a much bigger picture than this.

Many modern physicists are still more comfortable referring to matter and energy as almost distinct phenomena, and take solace in the fact that it takes the speed of light squared to make the change between being in a matter state versus being in an energetic state. The speed of light is basically the biggest number scientists can think of, so they argue the formula is saying that it takes something huge to shift energy into becoming matter.

Einstein actually originally proposed the formula as M = E/C2 – that matter was really just another form of energy. And this is what quantum physics is really all about – that matter is really just what we observe when energy is being pooled or stored – but it is really still just energy!

So this is where quantum physics and chiropractic could meet – if chiropractic is ready to make the same paradigm shift. I believe that some of the earlier chiropractic philosophers made this shift at about the same time as the physicists did. But unlike the Physics profession that got to the point of accepting the new idea, the chiropractic profession successfully suppressed and circumvented the shift.

RW Stephenson authored the 33 principles in 1927, and this could perhaps be the analogous shift in understanding the human state as E = MC2. Stephenson talks of the three components of our formula as force, matter and intelligence: This is the chiropractic equivalent of E = MC2! Force equals energy, matter equals mass, and intelligence is the hugest constant that we can possibly think of. Maybe our formula could read as F = MI2.

So why am I saying that the chiropractic profession missed this shift? Firstly the self-proclaimed intelligentsia and political leadership have quite successfully removed the constant from the formula. It has been successfully argued that intelligence is not required to practice chiropractic! And what I really mean by this is that concepts such as innate intelligence and the mental impulse have been denigrated as being pseudo-religious nonsense. When in fact intelligence is the missing piece that makes matter possible!

Secondly chiropractic has been successfully reduced to matter therapy – bones, muscles, ligaments, alignment and manipulation. It is becoming rare to see any reference to the nervous system when reading articles written by chiropractic publishers – but the nervous system connection is the connection between our matter and our force – our energy. And this capability is the ultimate representation of intelligence.

Hence, the current chiropractic formula looks more like “M = M”…

I was listening to one quantum physicist speak and he made the statement that the only place we really see Quantum Physics at work is in space. And then I had the revelation that he was SO WRONG. You see, most living biological organisms are classic examples of quantum converters. And the human being is the best example of a system that is able to use intelligence to continuously convert matter to energy, and energy to matter!

Now let’s get back to the paradigm shift that could happen, which would position chiropractic as the quantum shift in the healing arts: If matter is energy in a different state, then a subluxation is a person’s matter in a different energetic state. In other words a subluxation is not a physical state, it is an energetic state – it has less to do with what the particles of the body are up to, and more to do with what the wave forms of the body are up to.

Wave forms in the human body are represented by frequencies, so a Subluxation could be defined as an abnormal frequency pattern. There appears to be a movement in the chiropractic profession that dislikes the term subluxation because of its medical definition – “less than a dislocation”, which has obvious shortcomings as a clinical description, and at the same time they dislike what they see as almost esoteric connotations of the word to Chiropractors. The problem that results though – is that the offered alternative terms are almost universally less encompassing and in the context of this discussion grossly inadequate: spinal joint dysfunction, biomechanical lesion, mechanical back pain.

So let’s take a fresh look at the word subluxation:

  • Sub = Below; under; beneath; less than completely or normally.
  • Lux = A basic unit of illumination
  • Ation = The act of; the condition of being; the result of

So why couldn’t we redefine the term Subluxation as something like “the condition of less than normal energy transmission”. If you wish to be more philosophically correct you might adapt this to “less than normal intelligence transmission” (Intelligence being the chiropractic equivalent to light).

If we can grow up enough to jettison the Newtonian model of subluxation description, and accept that Quantum Physics has filled the knowledge void, and that our definitions of chiropractic must evolve to a similar level, then we might even find that chiropractic makes more than a paradigm shift – it could make a quantum leap into the hearts, minds and bodies of the community.

How? If Chiropractic persists with its Newtonian descriptions of what it is about then it will continue to receive a Newtonian response from the public – “spine doctor”, “back cracker”, “bone cruncher”. But if the profession shifts to the quantum model, and effectively communicates this shift, then the connection between what we do and the nervous system is completed, the relationship between an adjustment and someone’s quality of life is restored, and the explanations of how chiropractic relates to issues like emotions, human potential and wellness become logical.

Torque Release Technique training provides you with the Science, Art and Philiosophy of how to make this Quantum Leap: Check it out at this link: http://www.torquerelease.com.au/TRT-Seminar.htm

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  1. Monica Gauci Says:

    I loved this! Great article!

    Thanks Nick

  2. David Says:

    Great article! It seems to me that the current position most chiropractors are taught and subsequently adopt is fundamentaly floored. Why do we hang on to this archaic model and box ourself into that paincentred, painful corner?
    I also often witness real deepseated skeptizism and doubt and sometimes fear about chiropractic from practice members friends and family and would say that we have a pretty bad public image, not least due, in my opinion, to our more heavy handed adjusting techniques, not our education. The 10% of the population that love really love us, but the remaining 90% totally misunderstand us. It\’s a dilemma.
    A change is truly needed but the change seems to be going in the wrong direction at the start, during the education…

  3. Tanya Says:

    Just read your Quantum Chiropractic discussion…. Love it!

  4. David Says:

    Ok this is freaky, we are just in the process of opening a new practice and trying to decide between Quantum Chiropractic, Quantum Family Care, and Quantum Health Centre.

  5. James Carter Says:

    Great article Nick, well done! I agree with you wholehartedly…(I have some minor suggestions for some words….. not to get caught up in semantics and loose the essence of what you are saying. Email me personally if you want.)

    I don’t think Chiropractic missed the shift, I think it was already there. I believe it is a minority of chiropractors who missed the shift… those who really don’t understant the chiropractic principles and consequently are trying to find justification in what they do by applying a very limited interpretation of reductionistic thinking. And guess what, many leading researchers agree with that view!

  6. John Says:

    It was a really good explanation of quantum physics

  7. Randy Says:

    Thanks for that. Interesting stuff.
    Keep it coming.

  8. admin Says:

    Thanks James, you are absolutely right - chiropractic was there. According to my reading Chiropractic was somewhere between 50-75 years ahead of its time in 1927 - in terms of its concepts of healing, understanding of the nervous system, and predating mind/body medicine and psychoneuroimmunology…

  9. Christophe Vever Says:

    This article is well put together, allowing novices and experts alike to take part in the thought processes involved in these important concepts. Hopefully this sort of thinking will lead us to ask better research questions in future. It may help us to understand that the collisions which occur intracellularly - at a molecular level - are unlikely to be random, but in fact may be the result of very specific and co-ordinated vibrational frequencies (tone?). Were this found to be true, it would greatly strengthen the argument for the presence of an innate intelligence. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

  10. Robert Marin Says:

    Therefore if taken to its extreme version….thought is creative…and the mind manifests the thought via its intelligence and converts to matter. Energy without direction is chaos.Is subluxation chaos and matter the end result of this chaos.Ergo if chiropractors adjust the matter without educating the patient of their thought processes are we just like the medics in dealing with the tail of the dog.
    Can the chiropractor who is an integral part of the correction be partly responsible for the subluxation by their own thought processes…….maybe chiropractors should not be allowed to adjust until they can create an aligned spine in their own body…..just kidding….or not

  11. admin Says:

    Deep thoughts Robert: TRT defines an adjustment as “communication through touch”: I believe that an adjustment is the most advanced version of “therapeutic touch”. In other words an adjustment is a form of biofeedback or even education and much deeper than a matter realignment. Education doesn’t just happen by talking to someone or handing them a colour brochure - “our actions speak louder than our words” - and the chiropractic action is the adjustment. DD or BJ (not sure which one) described it as communicating innate to innate. Which adds to your thoughts about the state of the Chiropractor - It’s called Intent - and I agree with you - I’ve taught technique to a lot of Chiropractors now and there’s a few I wouldn’t let touch my spine - but it is often that they haven’t ben adjusted themselves enough by a great Chiropractor as much as what is going on “North of their Atlas”…

  12. Chiropractor Buford Says:

    Chiropractic care is generally safe if it can be applied skillfully and appropriately. I have to like this natural method because it has no side effect as traditional treatment methods.

  13. Ely Says:

    I enjoyed your article, Quantum Chiropractic. I have studied Quantum Physics over a number of years and am fascinated by the subject and its application to Chiropractic.
    As you know in the quantum world, in the full quantum state there is uncertainty. You cannot know a particle’s location or momentum without measuring one or the other and then you collapse Shrodinger’s equation. In other words things only exist to the extent that we measure them or observe them.
    A photon (light particle) is a massless, chargeless particle which exists in the full quantum state. In other words it is Lux or Energy. Sub-lux is an alteration of the chargeless state. That puts things into the half quantum or ionic state. Ions have mass and charge, whether they are electrons or positrons. Therefore a subluxation creates mass and charge, either positive or negative. Mass and charge create drag (gravity) and that fits in with our autonomic system doesn’t it, as Sympathetic = +ve, Parasympathetic = -ve. Integrate the two with an adjustment and you have a state of lux (full quantum) which adds light/energy to the system. Thus you convert more matter to energy when unsubluxated. You may call it a form of Enlightenment.

  14. Christian Edwards Says:

    Fantastic Post!!

  15. Richard Laviano Says:

    Thank you so much for this! I want to make this shift in thought! We all need this.

  16. Quotes Says:

    Good article. I will be going through many of these issues
    as well..

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