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How to bypass economic TOUGH TIMES

Are you tired of those training programs that claim to provide the missing piece in improving your effectiveness; only to find that it is yet another technique that is only applicable to a small segment of your patient base? Have you been grappling with how to increase your cash flow and profits in spite of rapidly rising overheads? Are you investing too much of your time and energy in your practice, and not enough time living the lifestyle that you spend all day telling everyone else to live? Are you sick and tired of the public perception or misconception of what you do? “Oh you’re a chiropractor? I’ll come and see you one day if my sore back doesn’t get better by itself!” Have you ever struggled with your confidence and certainty in practice?

My name’s Nick Hodgson and I face all the same struggles that you do in private practice. I’ve started two practices from scratch, managed successful practices for over twenty years, and employed and mentored associates. And at the same time I have organized countless training programs featuring some of the world’s top chiropractic presenters, culminating in my being awarded the Victorian Chiropractor of the Year in 2005, for contributions to the profession. More recently I have been honored to be the Australasian Training Provider for Torque Release Technique and would like to invite you to join me at one of our programs this year.


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TRT is the first chiropractic technique developed through a scientific research project, published in major medical journals, and then featured on the Discovery Health Channel. But the real benefit occurred when TRT escaped the peer reviewed journals and entered the average chiropractic practice. The overwhelming conclusion has been that TRT is the 21st century upgrade that improves a chiropractor’s life without compromising clinical results or ethics.

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You see TRT has answered the two biggest chiropractic questions: “How do you offer your patients the best possible improvements in their health and quality of life, AND AT THE SAME TIME minimize the amount of work that you have to do to achieve these great results?”

Solving these two dilemmas resolves all stressors in the life of a Chiropractor: If your patients get great results, they get excited and they refer and spread the word, and they comply with your recommendations, because they are impressed. And if you get great results with the minimum of effort then you can either make more money by seeing more people, and/or you can spend less time in your rooms and more time on your lifestyle.

But don’t just listen to me: Here’s a sample of some Chiropractors’ personal experiences…

"I have been so impressed with Dr Holder's Torque Release Technique (TRT), because his analysis is based upon well established chiropractic analysis principles, and it works! He has added significant substance to our chiropractic technique procedures, and to our chiropractic profession... TRT is a must for any chiropractor. Finally, a way to computer upgrade your present technique." Alfred States, Creator of State's Diversified Technique, Senior Technique Professor - Parker College, USA.

"TRT is based on what D.D. and B.J. intended - that we have innate and genetic potential and that the subluxation interferes with this expression. TRT is a tonal technique based on constant never ending improvement." Matthew McCoy, Director of Research Life University, Editor JVSR, VP Council of Chiropractic Practice, USA

"Chiropractors interested in instrument adjusting procedures should consider TRT. It represents a tonal approach to the correction of vertebral subluxations." Christopher Kent, ICA Chiropractic Researcher of the Year, USA

"TRT is a MUST for any chiropractor. Finally a way to computer upgrade your present technique to a Non-Linear System and Tonal Model. An "All Win" for pediatrics." Liz Anderson-Peacock, WCA Chiropractor of the Year '99, Chiropractor of the Year - Canadian Chiropractor Magazine '98

"Finally! A program that offers a viable and successful treatment solution. Anyone wishing to improve their success will benefit from the expertise and research presented in these seminars." Wayne Menkus, Chairman, Dept. of Physiology, Life College, USA

"The Integrator is a remarkable innovation in a hand held instrument. I have found its pre-load mechanism, torque capability, recoil function and smooth thrust to be superior to my previous adjusting instrument. TRT has opened up a whole new window in which to view the tonal model of V.S.C." Mark Mason, Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist, USA

"The TRT is a dynamic system of analysis and adjustment. Synthesizing and encompassing the "best of the best" within many of the great chiropractic techniques of our profession, TRT becomes a welcomed, philosophical and scientifically based addition of subluxation-based chiropractic technique for the next 100 years of chiropractic." Robin C. Hyman,  Author of "Thompson Technique" and "AK and Subluxation Analysis"

"It's a rare seminar that correctly teaches us that an adjustment, currently given, can change a life. TRT seminar and instrument did that for me." Veronica Gutierrez, White House Commission on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Chair, WCA Director of Programs in Public Policy, Washington State Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission, USA

“I have been amazed at the results I've been getting out of this process. I would never have believed this to be possible with such a simple technique.” AC, South Africa

“Certainly this technique changed my life... has really helped me finally understand what Chiropractic is and man was I wrong.” CS, USA

“With your help I am able to make a very smooth transition from a pain practice to a wellness practice. " TG, USA

"It was the best conference and technique seminar I have ever been to. It provided me with some very timely answers to a lot of questions that had been coming up for me, especially about knowing that Chiropractic and being a Chiropractor is truly what I am here for, but being endlessly frustrated by it (me) just not working the best I knew it (I) could. That was until I learnt about primary subluxations and nonlinear adjusting." JR, Australia

"I have found TRT to be the first technique to be superior to what I have done in the last twenty seven years... I have seen intriguing and wonderful results with TRT." PR, Australia.

"I've been working with TRT since I learned it from you - and am SO enjoying it! Thanks." BT, South Africa

"Here are my considerations on taking training in TRT: Reliable, objective and reproducible approach to diagnosis and treatment (not just another technique!); Clearly defined and time saving diagnostic and treatment protocols; Precise adjustment each time; Easy to record findings and treatment protocols for further references and for tracking course of treatment; Findings and treatment plan can be discussed with other practitioners/associates; Properly trained doctor can successfully continue treatment of your patient when you are away; Can be used either for diagnosis (followed by manual adjustment) or diagnosis and precise adjustment with integrator; Can be easily integrated and combined with other treatment modalities, including but not limited to SOT, cranial, dry needling, scenar therapy, biofeedback." BG, Australia and Russia

"TRT changed my life immeasurably. This technique has opened me up to a new world of patients and chiropractic miracles. I could never have believed how powerful, effective and efficient it could be. Do yourself and your patients a favor and check it out." SM, Australia

It’s so rewarding to get lots of this feedback after every training program…

And the huge advantage of TRT training is that what you learn can be implemented in any style of chiropractic practice:

You love to manually adjust? TRT will show you how to get bigger changes by adjusting less segments – the ones that really need it: You’ll become more specific, more precise and more confident with your adjustments.

Looking for a low-force alternative? We’ll introduce you to the Integrator, the adjusting instrument which was purpose designed, built and patented to correct subluxations. Not like those instruments which are adapted medical instruments. The Integrator offers pre-loading trigger, incredibly high speed, recoil and torque to produce a three dimensional adjustment which has been measured to produce big shifts in state of wellbeing.

See yourself as more of a craftsman than a technician? You will love the fourteen diagnostic indicators of Subluxation, and the precise differential diagnosis system to identify the Primary Subluxation at any moment in time, with built in safe guards and review methods to track the response to each and all of your adjustments.

Prefer High Volume? With the assessment and adjusting system you take back to your office, you will be stunned with how quickly you can deliver a magical adjustment. No matter how many patients you currently see – you will be able to see more in less time.

Believe that Chiropractic is more about the nervous system than the musculoskeletal system? Then you need an assessment and adjusting system that breaks out of the mechanistic orthopedic mould.

You have a Wellness focus? Then you’ll need an approach which breaks out of the mechanistic back pain model and into a neurological state of wellbeing model – TRT offers a unique selling proposition which has the ability to improve quality of life.

You like to be on the cutting edge? TRT has a pedigree of research and development and the next few years promise some revolutionary upgrades to what is already one of the most exciting breakthroughs in chiropractic’s history.

You’re committed to excellence? You see profits and patient numbers as secondary to the quality of the service that you provide, and you are more interested in the product than the profit: TRT is definitely for you as there are no hard sales techniques attached – it’s less about convincing patients that they have to see you forever; and more about providing such great results that they tell you they’ll be seeing you forever.

Listen to the developer of TRT, Dr Jay Holder, discuss the foundational principles behind this 21st century Chiropractic model...

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What’s involved with TRT Training?

     A two-day intensive highly interactive training program

     Plenty of hands on demonstration and workshop so that you are ready to use what you have learnt

     Training manual included with your registration

     Tea breaks and lunches catered for inclusive

     Free email support following the program to answer any questions

     Regular email newsletters and practice tips

     Follow-up advanced hands on training opportunities to further your technical mastery

     Access to online and phone referrals from the numerous enquiries we get for TRT practitioners


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Saturday: 8.30am – 7.00pm and Sunday: 8.00am – 4.00pm


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What happens after you register?

  • Payment is via the secure PayPal gateway - you can use your PayPal funds or use your credit card with complete confidence

  • Upon completion of your registration you will be redirected to a page with more details on booking your accommodation and the program schedule

  • This page will also include links and passwords to some free preliminary learning resource downloads

  • Upon receipt of your payment we will mail your invoice

  • Book your own accommodation and travel needs

  • Your training manual will be given to you at the training program

  • Equipment and resources will be available for purchase at discounted rates at the program

  • Notify us of any special dietary needs at least one week prior to the event so we can cater

  • If you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances make sure you give us at least 72 hours notice prior to commencement of the program

  • CAA CPD CATEGORISATION: 16 Formal Learning Activity Hours

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